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Thanks to everyone who joined us from around the world at our live interactive June cover shoot with Emma Roberts in Los Angeles on Thursday. We were trending on Twitter and even landed on the Explore page on Instagram. Kudos to all of you for making that happen! (This was the shot that generated all that action.)

IMG_2171 One of my favourite tweets was from @RussiaEmmaRoberts
@ElleCanada what an incredible experience! people from all over the world watching. thank you for doing this Here’s another shot that you have all been retweeting (thanks!) IMG_2198 Now we’re preparing for the next phase in this live interactive project, which is Monday’s vote for the subscriber cover. Our art director,
Brittany Eccles, has narrowed it down to five contenders, but by Monday, we’ll settle on three. (We’ll post them in the morning and voting will begin at noon on March 31 and run until noon on April 1.)
Check out one of the looks we’re considering…
IMG_2189 I sent the five options to our boss Carlos Lamadrid, Senior Vice-President, Consumer Solutions, for his feedback. Not surprisingly he had a witty insider tale to recount when he saw one of the shots of Emma wearing a key spring/summer 2014 look from 
Saint Laurent. “It’s so
circa mid-’90s! It reminds me of a conversation I had with
Isabella Blow when she was at
Vogue. I remember the day she walked into the room and she was wearing the bobby-sock look and everyone went a-buzz about it. I was very friendly with Isabella so when I saw her, I told her the bobby socks looked terrible. We had that kind of relationship where I could give her honest feedback about her very creative personal style. She had a self-deprecating type of British humour, which I loved. I remember she told me that her feet hurt and she had a blister from other shoes and that’s why she had the socks on. She then laughed and said that because so many people reacted to her look, she decided to say "It’s the new thing, darling!" Of course, the girls at
Vogue jumped on it. And then we saw it on the runway the next season. That’s my history on the bobby sock and heels. Isabella meant it as a joke. So, I struggle with it as a serious fashion statement.”
So now that you know the history on the bobby-sock-and-heel look, do you think it’s a fashion statement?
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