Victoria’s Secret model Chanel Iman connects with ELLE’s Facebook fans

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You asked, we listened. reached out to our 24,000 fans on Facebook to ask you to send in your questions to Victoria’s Secret beauty Chanel Iman.

We only had 5 minutes with her so we picked your top questions. Thanks to everyone who helped us shape this interview!

"What is the best runway show you’ve ever done?"(Melissa Marchand, Nova Scotia, Can)
Chanel Iman: Victoria’s Secret, of course! I love working with them because it’s one of those companies that gives you a voice in this industry. You get to be part of something so amazing and something every woman can connect to on some level. It’s an incredible opportunity.
"What’s your beauty routine? Your skin is flawless!" (Tamika Auwai, Mississauga, Ont)
CI: I don’t really use any particular
beauty products (I’m not really into it), but I’ve been lucky with having pretty good skin my whole life. I think it has more to do with what you eat. I drink a ton of water everyday, and I eat only organic. I shop at Whole Foods religiously: no fried foods! If the food is too greasy (like french fries) it will affect your skin too much.

"What keeps you grounded in the crazy world of modeling?" (Nancy Groleau, Grand-Mere, QC)
CI: I don’t do anything I don’t want to do; I’ve always been that way, so I make the right decisions for me. The most difficult thing is how often I’m away from my family. I’ll try to bring my sister or my mom along most times, but they can’t always be there. It’s hard, I miss them.
"What is the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you?" (Susan Ritka, Calgary, AB)
CI: When I was in elementary school my first crush gave me a candy ring pop. He proposed to me on the playground. I said no — but I kept the ring!
"What is the best part about being an internationally-known model?" (
Tanya Skandalis, Burnaby, BC)
CI: The travel. I am so lucky that I get to travel all across the world for my job. I meet new people, visit new places. It’s the best part.
"What is your fashion mantra?"(Melody Shrighton, Toronto, Ont)
CI: It’s all about comfort. When I travel, I’m basically living in my Victoria’s Secret
pink sweats. I just bought this dress yesterday (Herve Leger, pictured) and I wear him a lot. His dresses are tight, sexy and very comfortable. These are also my absolute favourite shoes in the world (Christian Louboutin, pictured). You’ll see them on me a lot (laughs). We love Chanel’s Louboutins just as much as everyone else, but if you’re looking for more affordable options (that are still chic and fashion-forward), check out our shopping guide of our favourite Valentine’s Day-inspired heels

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