Vancouver Fashion Week: Behind the scenes with Sara Armstrong

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Sara-Armstrong-Vancouver-Fashion-Week-FW2015 Photos courtesy of Peter Jensen Photography. 

  Saskatchewan-born, Vancouver-based Sara Armstrong has been showing at Vancouver Fashion Week for the past three seasons. I caught up with Armstrong in her studio to take a closer look at the collection and to find out what’s inspiring her these days.
What led you to become a fashion designer? Growing up I always wanted to be an artist, a painter. I did my first degrees in sculpture but when I graduated I realized that public sculpture, which is what I was interested in, is just very long term projects; what I like about creating is the story. I love the process. I feel like fashion to me can be public sculpture but it’s accessible in a different way.
Click through to find out what Armstrong was inspired by for her FW2015 collection. 

What inspires you? History, form and line, architecture and sculpture. I still do a lot of industrial design on the side. I’m always wanting to try different mediums.
What was the concept for this collection? It’s inspired by my dad and being an Armstrong and what that means to our family. He’s kind of a history buff. We would always watch medieval movies together and this season has a pretty medieval vibe. For the dalmatic pieces like chaperone hoods, I took history cues from medieval Scotland and made the piece into a contemporary minimalist item.
Describe your design aesthetic. Simple. Minimal. Functionality is really important to me. Designing things that are able to transcend throughout the whole day and pieces that are going to last a lifetime. I’m searching for timeless pieces.
Who are your design influences? I always love Japanese designers. Yohji Yamamoto is the holy grail to me. And Martin Margiela, too. I love deconstruction. I love when you can see the artist’s hand in the work. When something is too clean, it’s too perfect and it just doesn’t feel like artwork to me. Those designers to me have such a strong voice in their clothes and you can always pick it up from certain details, shapes and silhouettes.  
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