Forget piercings — you can now weld jewellery onto your wrist.

At Catbird, a Brooklyn-based jewellery boutique and studio, customers can opt for a delicate and light 14-karat yellow gold chain, where it’s perfectly fitted to the wrist and fused in place indefinitely.

The entire process is done at their welding annex, where a jeweler uses an electric welder to “zap” the ends of the bracelet together with a satisfying spark in a quick (and painless) process. The bracelet has become so popular that Catbird looking into offering other styles such as anklets, rings and necklaces.

This may be the perfect alternative for those looking for a non-fuss, low maintenance jewellery option. But if you have a change of heart, the chain can be easily snipped off with scissors. For those who remain indecisive, the bracelet is also available as a non-permanent version.

We spoke to Leigh Plessner, Catbird’s co-creative director, about the process and if permanent jewellery will be the next big thing.

How do you test new styles?

“We zap on a large swathe of people who work in different departments, and all go about our daily lives of typing and jeweling and cooking and holding babies and gardening and riding bikes around the hot sweaty city. If the pieces can withstand our not-delicate-flower ways, we feel comfortable bringing them to our customers.”

What is the experience like?

“It’s fun! A little thrill. I think everyone gets some butterflies right before the zap — it’s totally painless, but there’s a small moment of drama.”

Is permanent jewellery going to be a big trend?

“I’m not sure! It requires the right sort of training and technology, and a mindfulness towards pieces you won’t think about once they’re on (except to be delighted by their sparkle). We’re obsessed with our jewelry being effortless — if we find you have to fuss with it when we’re in the sampling phase, we move on immediately.”