What to wear on a first Tinder date

Apr 13 2015 by
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Take the next step with your Tinder match and head out on a date in these adorable budget-friendly finds that will have you feeling #flawless.

Reigning as the supreme source of matchmaking in the digital game of love, Tinder has become the go-to app for anyone in search of love – or at least a fun date.

Amidst all of the horror stories, endless hours of swiping right and dodging questionable messages, finding that potentially special someone seems impossible – until it happens.

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So what do you wear when you’ve finally found a Tinder match you’re interested in meeting IRL? We say keep it easy, breezy and budget-friendly – because if all goes well, you might need to save your cash flow for a spontaneous romantic getaway!

Check out our picks for a first Tinder date dressing below.

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Categories: Trends