Canadian style blog: Jay Strut

The blogger: The on-the-town fabulous Jay Strut.

Home base: Toronto

Our stylish go-to:
For the latest events in Toronto fashion (galas, store openings), and tagging along on his glamorous jaunts at runway shows (and the swankiest of celeb-ridden after-parties) around the globe. Catch him sashaying up the Croisette in Cannes at the gilded film fest this year.

Why we keep coming back:
Links to the hottest tunes, plus behind-the-scenes photos of exclusive fashion and celeb parties— and the hautest outfits he wears to them. We spy a pretty enviable Balmain statement jacket.

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Canadian style blog: A Haute Mess

The blogger: Niki Blasina, NYC-based j-school master’s student at Columbia University.

Home base: Vancouver/New York City

Our stylish go-to: Quirky musings on the style front from the street to backstage at fashion week. Example of her BCBG Max Azria’s Fall 2013 beauty report: “Remember having 16-year-old skin? Or the skin of a 16-year-old? (Why does that sound so creepy?).”

Why we keep coming back:
The hottest takes on this season’s trends—pastels, leather—with a Central Park backdrop, and the chance to shop her curated style picks in “A Haute Shop.” Oh. And your IRL-update on all things Vancouver Canucks.

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Canadian style blog: The Backseat Stylers

Home base: Toronto

The blogger: The stylish sister duo of Sharon Ng Hayes and Tara Ng

Our stylish go-to:
For snapshots of all things pretty in Toronto—people, places, latest collections —from the backseat, with a focus on the buzzing Toronto style scene, soirees with the hottest international designers and items to covet just by looking at pictures of them.

Why we keep coming back: For their love and support of homegrown Canadian designers—Pink Tartan is a party favourite,— and Instagram shots of a seriously enviable (adorable) collection of pumps.

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 Canadian style blog: I want – I got

The blogger: Toronto-based Anita Clarke, a.k.a. @geekigirl.

Home base: Toronto

Our stylish go-to:
“I want” mood boards of must-have looks for the season, as well as postings of the best places to shop the latest trends on sale. And if you’re looking ahead, the Spring/Summer 2014 Trend Forecasting Reference is up and analyzing the colour (neon neutral palettes) and looks (grown-up grunge) to come next spring.

Why we keep coming back:
Photo-ops with fashion’s elite—Anna Dello Russo, Hilary Alexander, to name a few— and the crowd-sourced “Ask A Geek” fashion advice column.

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Canadian style blog: The Broken Heel Diaries

The blogger: Social media-maven Daniella Etienne

Home base: Toronto

Our stylish go-to: For eclectic and luxe updates on travel (oh hey, Bangkok!), beauty launches and offbeat music to download right now.

Why we keep coming back: The Woman of the Week profile, highlighting the style and off-duty passions of females in high places around town. And those life lesson gems in BHD Rules (example: BHD Rule No. 18 – Find simplicity).

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Canadian style blog: Coco & Cowe

The blogger: The rose-coloured style perspective of Catriona Smart

Home base: Toronto

Our stylish go-to: Curated picks of the hippest fashion labels, style destinations and sparkle how-to videos, all told with an edge “that lives on the intersection of Candyland Ave and Neverland Blvd.” #weresothere

Why we keep coming back: Travel tips on the hottest (literally) locales to Vacation and best-bet beauty products to pack. And because she shares our Team Stacey sentiments for best-dressed celebs at this year’s Oscars (sorry George).

Canadian style blog: I’m charming you

The blogger: The ever-charming Valerie Stachurski

Home base: Toronto

Our stylish go-to: For fresh—and yes, charming—musings on the latest lifestyle, fitness and beauty trends—and what to wear when heading out to try each one.

Why we keep coming back:
Those witty, all-in reviews (and photos!) of kick classes, feel-good literature and pizzaburgers—basically a well-rounded guide to life in the city.

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Canadian style blog: Fashionights

The blogger: The fiercely dapper Julio Reyes

Home base: Toronto

Our stylish go-to: For commentary on the latest in high fashion events, beauty launches and menswear, and which fabulous new wines to try.

Why we keep coming back: Panoramic coverage of both the newsmakers in fashion and the news outlets to follow for the best scoops. That, and photos showcasing his vast array of what are seriously the best scarves. Ever.

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