Captve’s bracelets, rings and necklaces aren’t just ornamental. The sterling silver and brass pieces (which start out as wax-hewn moulds) have an intellectual in philosophical subtext. Take the “Manus” collection: the hand motif evokes the anxiety and comfort of being surrounded by people.

White Feather Designs

Based out of a farmhouse in Meaford, Ontario, Breanne Morrow’s designs have the nostalgic charm of an antique porcelain teacup. Our pick? A collar necklace finished with marbled enamel spheres.

YYY collection

Montreal artist Mérida Anderson crafts her line, YYY Collection, from porcelain to form obtuse, oblique shapes in pastel colours. It’s modern and almost a little childlike — in the best way.

Arc Jewellery

Geometry and architecture is the driving inspiration behind Lina Hu’s Arc Jewellery. The jewellery is industrial, minimal and evocative.


This Canada-via-Japan label is big on unconventional materials. Bolts, rope and fragments of pipe are all fair game when it comes to creating Daiku‘s necklaces.


Designed in Northern Ontario by Sarah K. MacLellan, Forestiere is a sustainable and material-driven line. MacLellan dies natural cotton fibres using indigo and persimmon. The threads are then wrapped around metal hardware or left as swishy tassels on necklaces.


With the foothills of the Rocky Mountains serving as inspiration, this Millarville, Alberta designer Neshka creates jewellery with an emphasis on sculpture and silhouette. The “Black” collection is especially striking, consisting of architectural, oversized pendants that evoke gothic pointed ceilings.