What started on the runways has now hit fast fashion — this is officially the trendiest way to carry your bag this season.

Instead of the classic slung-over-the shoulders or the always-chic crook of the arm options, this new trend calls for the arm to go through the strap and hug the bag from the bottom.

First spotted on the spring runways at Valentino, Maison Margiela and Altuzarra, this new take has spread throughout the fashion world, having been most recently featured in Zara’s new fall/winter collection campaign.


Zara Autumn/Winter 2018 Image by: Zara

At first glance, the disregard for the primary function of the straps is slightly disorienting. Even if we accept that the straps no longer have a purpose, holding anything bigger than a simple clutch would surely prove a challenge.

Presumably the roomy totes and sizable shoulder bags paraded down the runways were empty and feather-light. But what will happen when the actual contents of an everyday purse are dumped in? It’s easy to carry just a bag like that but what about the bag and your lunch Tupperware and a change of shoes?  But like the great jacket shrug of 2017 that came before it, this trend could catch on with a little celebrity endorsement. Only time (and Instagram) will tell.