The fashion squads that would make stylish group Halloween costumes

Oct 07 2016 by
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Grab your friends and make a statement this Halloween. 

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    The perfect Halloween costume for your super stylish crew? The ultimate cool-girl Fashion Squad. 

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    The Balmain Army

    What you need: A Kim, a Kendall, an Olivier and a crew of models, all dressed to the nines in olive green. 

  • 3/6

    Gucci Girls

    What you need: OTT, quirky yet glam outfits and bedazzled glasses. More is more. 

  • 4/6

    The Moschino Paper Dolls

    What you need: Retro wigs, cardboard cut-out accessories and paper tabs attached to girly outfits.

  • 5/6

    The Wang Squad

    What you need: Goth girl mini-skirt outfits, tights, chokers, and lots of studs. 

  • 6/6

    The Vetements Crew

    What you need: Extra long sleeved hoodies, ankle and knee-high striped socks and high heeled boots. 

Categories: Trends