Recently, I declared that I would never again spend money on high heels. I’ve hit heel fatigue and I know the feeling of limping home with achy arches after a night of balancing my weight on the balls of my feet all too well. But there’s something about a pair of artful Dries Van Noten feather-embellished heels that gets my heart racing. Suddenly, those thoughts of pain are replaced with those of all the fabulous holiday parties my new shoes and I will attend. And I’m not alone. Fashion e-comm platform Lyst reports a 117% increase in heel sales in November and December (aka holiday season). Here’s a fun fact: The most popular heel on the site is the Stuart Wietzman Nudist Sandal, which boasts a vertiginous 4.7-inch heel that’s the embodiment of the old adage, “suffer for fashion.” So what’s a shoe addict to do? 

Lyst partnered with Andrea Hurst, a reflexology expert whose client list includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Cindy Crawford, Emilia Clarke and Emily Blunt to consolidate her celeb-tested tips on reducing and preventing pain caused by high heels into a handy infographic that breaks down exercises, tips and tricks in an A-Z Hight Heel Health Bible. Just hover over the images to read the tips –your feet will thank you.


Thanks to Lyst for providing the heel stats!