The A-Z Guide to Canadian Fashion Designers

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In honour of Canada Day, we listed 26 fashion and accessories designers from across the country. 

  • 1/27
    © ELLE Canada

    This Canada Day, we’re showcasing the country’s fashion industry — one letter at a time. From local favourites to emerging young designers, it’s all about made-in-Canada.  

  • 2/27

    Arc Jewellery

    © Arc Jewellery

    Based: Montreal

    Designed and handcrafted by Lina Hu, each collection is inspired by the exploration of forms and elements, resulting in minimalist yet bold pieces. For example, the Harmonics collection takes cues from the geometry found in nature from atoms to space.

    Our pick: Consonance II Earring Set ($245)

  • 3/27

    Birds of North America

    © Birds of North America

    Based: Toronto

    Birds of North America takes elements from designer Hayley Gibson’s childhood such as school uniforms and sun-faded fabrics to create whimsical pieces that teeter between nostalgic and modern.

    Our pick: Waxbill Jumpsuit ($212)

  • 4/27

    Camille Côté

    © Camille Côté

    Based: Montreal

    This line of hats began accidentally back in 2014 when designer Camille Côte created a hat with an elastic band on the back — by mistake. Now, this practical and comfortable design is the brand’s signature and handmade in Montreal.

    Our pick: Jackie Green ($162)

  • 5/27

    Devlyn van Loon

    © Devlyn van Loon

    Based: Toronto

    Devlyn van Loon is all about sustainably made essentials designed to fit into every kind of wardrobe. All pieces are handmade in Toronto using high-end construction techniques and ethically sourced fabrics.

    Our pick: Patch Pocket Slip Dress in Black ($231)

  • 6/27

    Evan Ducharme

    © Evan Ducharme

    Based: Vancouver

    Evan Ducharme’s designs are rooted in and inspired by his Métis heritage and the natural environment of the territory on which he grew up.

    Our pick: The Delima Matriarch Dress ($335). This dress is part of the Matriarch Dress Collection which pays homage to the women who have inspired Ducharme’s work and named for his maternal great-grandmother.

  • 7/27

    Fortnight Lingerie

    © Fortnight Lingerie

    Based: Toronto

    Founded by Christina Remenyi, this lingerie brand is handcrafted in Toronto. Fabrics are chosen for their durable and delicate properties such as quick drying jersey and supportive mesh to fit precisely on the body.  

    Our pick: Ara Plunge Bralette ($109)

  • 8/27


    © Grayes

    Based: Toronto

    Founder Stephanie Ray couldn’t find stylish, affordable work wear while in law school so she decided to create her own. With no experience, she launched Grayes in 2016 with the goal to offer wardrobe essentials that can easily transition from the work to play.

    Our pick: The Blazer Dress in Salt and Pepper ($395)

  • 9/27

    House of Suri

    © House of Suri

    Based: Toronto

    Toronto-made House of Suri focuses on pieces designed to be transformable and ultimately customizable, featuring accessories that can attached and detached.

    Our pick: Petunia Top ($165)

  • 10/27

    Iris Denim

    © Iris Denim

    Based: Toronto

    This made-in-Canada denim line is a mix of vintage and rock ‘n’ roll-inspired styles (their first style was a high-waist, skinny cut jean inspired by Joan Jett)

    Our pick: Edge of Seventeen Jean ($208)

  • 11/27

    Jennifer Torosian

    © Jennifer Torosian

    Based: Toronto

    Founded by Jennifer Torosian and Raed Ali, this brand is known for updating classic silhouettes to create a casual, luxury aesthetic.

    Our pick: Flared Gusset Shirt ($275)

  • 12/27


    © Kazz

    Based: Toronto

    Designer Ashley Kasdorf works around the idea of wardrobe essentials and creates pieces that play with feminine and masculine principles of design.

    Our pick: Double-breasted jacket with side slits ($265)

  • 13/27

    Laurie Fleming Jewellery

    © Laurie Fleming Jewellery

    Based: Toronto

    Laurie Fleming hand-carves each piece in her downtown Toronto studio, creating ethereal and romantic heirloom pieces with the brand’s signature mother of pearl and fluid metal shapes.

    Our pick: Beacen Ring ($325 USD)

  • 14/27

    Marigold by Marilyne Baril

    © Marigold by Marilyne Baril

    Based: Montreal

    Dresses and wool coats are the signature of this sustainable, slow fashion-inspired brand from Marilyne Baril. The entire line from design to production is done in Montreal. 

    Our pick: Orlanda Dress Lurex Stripe ($229)

  • 15/27


    © Noujica

    Based: Montreal

    Noujica is the collaborative efforts of Catherine Cournoyer, a textile printing designer, and Jinny Lévesque, a glass artist. Their clothing and accessories are made using only recycled and organic materials by integrating their skills in silk screening and glasswork.

    Our pick: Portefeuille wristlet ($125)

  • 16/27

    Olivia Rubens

    © Olivia Rubens

    Based: Toronto

    Sustainability is at the core of Olivia Rubens' designs which makes use of distinct fabric techniques and materials such as dyeing, surface design and knits.

    Our pick: Lorelei Coat ($899)

  • 17/27



    Based: Montreal

    From designer Madeleine Beaulieu, this luxury leather goods brand was founded in 2017 and came from her desire for quality minimalist products. The products are handcrafted using Italian vegetable-tanned leather and inspired by origami and jewellery with a signature folded design and hardware.

    Our pick: Tome 1 ($550)

  • 18/27


    © QÉiKO

    Based: Montreal

    An online store focused responsible consumption, QÉiKO carries ethically made products along with exclusive collaborations with up-and-coming Quebec designers such as Mercedes Morin and Charles Bertrand of Robert Atelier.

    Our pick: The Frost Coat ($100)

  • 19/27

    Rachel Sin

    © Rachel Sin

    Based: Toronto

    Rachel Sin designs functional and feminine pieces meant to transition easily between 9-to-5 and happy hour. The pieces are sculpted to the body with strong lines inspired by her background in architecture.

    Our pick: Let’s Split Up Skirt ($165)


  • 20/27

    The Sleep Shirt

    © The Sleep Shirt

    Based: Vancouver

    The Sleep Shirt makes traditional and contemporary nightwear for all kinds of sleepers. The products are made in Canada from Japanese cotton and other high-quality fabrics, bridging comfort and style for the ultimate night-in outfit.

    Our pick: Short Sleep Shirt in Blue Oxford Stripe ($230)

  • 21/27

    Tania Larsson

    © Tania Larsson

    Based: Yellowknife

    Swedish and Gwich’in designer Tania Larsson creates contemporary, northern Indigenous jewellery based on Gwich’in culture. Using land-based materials such as hides, horns and antlers (harvested through subsistence hunting), Larsson also incorporates beads, metals and precious stones to create a contrast of textures and colours.

    Our pick: Caribou Tufted Earrings ($175)

  • 22/27


    © Urbanovitch

    Based: Edmonton

    Edmonton-based designer Malorie Urbanovitch gives modern essentials a nostalgic spin through her namesake line, updating classic silhouettes with playful colour and shape.

    Our pick: Wrap Top ($260)

  • 23/27

    Valérie Dumaine

    © Valérie Dumaine

    Based: Montreal

    Valérie Dumaine started her eponymous line in 2004 after returning to Montreal from Berlin, having been inspired by the fashion scene there. Her designs are refined and bold with an emphasis on clean lines.

    Our pick: Paloma Dress ($199)

  • 24/27

    Wolf Circus

    © Wolf Circus

    Based: Vancouver

    Fiona Morrison founded Wolf Circus as a way to fill in a gap that she saw in the jewellery space — smart, refined pieces to go with the hustle and bustle of each day.

    Our pick: Ilona Signet Ring in Gold ($140)

  • 25/27

    Klaxon Howl

    © Klaxon Howl

    Based: Toronto

    Klaxon Howl began in 2005 with owner and designer Matt Robinson and inspired by his collection of vintage military clothing, sportswear and work wear from the early to mid twentieth century. This menswear collection is local, handmade and produced in small batches.

    Our pick: Lou shirt ($215)

  • 26/27

    Your Bag of Holding

    © Your Bag of Holding

    Based: Vancouver

    Vancouver-based Your Bag of Holding makes made-to-order leather and shearling accessories designed in fun and unexpected textures and colours.  

    Our pick: Pretty in Pink Fanny Pack ($165)

  • 27/27


    © Zaleska

    Based: Vancouver

    Designed by Sylvia Tennant, this jewellery line uses gemstones such as opal, sapphire and white topaz for pieces inspired by her travels. 

    Our pick: Empress Hoops ($130)

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