When building up your jewellery wardrobe, remember: it’s not so much about the size of your collection as it is about the love you have for each of the individual pieces. And while selecting a new addition doesn’t necessarily begin with trends, adding a
statement necklace that you scored on sale can be just as rewarding as donning your grandmother’s pearl earrings—if you select the right match.

For expert advice on your summer fashion shopping needs, we chatted with Michael Fisher, a celebrity stylist with Starworks Artists, about how to build up a jewellery collection of high and low pieces that you love just the same.

Summer jewellery shopping tip: Strategic shopping

While we tend to think of any shopping trip as a victorious one (we grew up watching Cher Horowitz, after all), end-of-summer purchases especially should have a long-term purpose to them. Sagely summer shopping deciding factor? “Anything you can pull forward into fall,” advises Fisher. His transitional go-to piece is a heavy bicycle chain necklace—whether it’s metal, powder-coated or enameled. “The newest ones have stations of color or mixed metal,” he says. Pretty
and punk.

Summer jewellery shopping tip: Transitional pieces

Think of your jewellery collection as an #armparty with a curated guest list of your favourite pieces (and it wouldn’t hurt to stock up with bracelets from summer sales). “You can mix and layer them in with Fall/Winter pieces,” says Fisher. “This is also a great way to create a signature look by mixing in the pieces you’ve cultivated over time.” For summer fashion inspiration, look to the pile of colourful bangles stacked on wrists of runway models at Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2012 show.

Summer jewellery shopping tip: Timeless pieces

There’s just something inherently adult about acquiring (or inheriting) signature high-end jewellery pieces—and mixing them up with your favourite less expensive costume pieces for a polished and well-rounded look. Fisher’s picks for jewellery that never ceases to lose its gilded edge? “A classic vintage investment watch (Rolex, Cartier, Omega), Céline cuff, Cartier Love bracelet and a signet pinky ring.”

Summer fashion: The birds and the bugs jewellery

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Fendi-bks-A-RS12-3553CANVAS.jpgSummer jewellery shopping tip: On-trend staples

Don’t get caught up in long-term investments only, otherwise you’ll miss out on some pretty fun and whimsical trends (hello, Dolce & Gabbana red chillies earrings!). The of-the-moment pieces that caught Fisher’s eye this season? “Neon leather wraps and string friendship bracelets. Pile on fun colour and mixed media.” To add some international flair, Fisher cites luxe Italian label Cruciani for their trendsetting jewellery. “They started a craze internationally—first spotted in Milan— with ‘lace’-trim bracelets coming in a huge range of colours and fun patterns.”

Summer jewellery shopping tip: Pieces that are close to your heart

Of course, sometimes we simply cannot justify the things we love—but that doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable. Go for unique jewellery pieces you’re naturally drawn to, and build up your jewellery collection from there (you’re less likely to make regrettable purchases and fall victim to the quantity-over-quality trap). “I always fall in love with the pieces first,” says Fisher. “I think the emotional connection is important with jewellery, as these should be personal pieces that will work their way into your wardrobe.” Alas, true love prevails.

In the jewellery box: Fisher’s top 5 must-have signature pieces

1. “Across the board, whether it’s around your neck or your wrist, you should have rose gold and mixed metals,” says Fisher. He suggests the flexible interlocking bracelets by luxe jeweler Sidney Garber.

2. “Hits of neon and enamel are also essential. New York jeweler Made Her Think’s resort collection has great ‘shackle’ bracelets, colourful beads, and earrings.”

3. “A great drop earring—colourful stones are a must and this can be done at all price points, from Lulu Frost to Rachel Zoe to Oscar de la Renta. For the most precious and high-end investment pieces, go to Tenthousandthingsnyc.com.”

4. Anything with a knot, whether it’s leather metal mixed, bungee and chain pieces, or solid metal. Céline’s silver knot bracelet is perfect.”

5. “The cocktail ring has a new futuristic organic vibe, whether in gold tone or actual geo-crystal. Michael Kors’ nugget ring is perfect, or Alexis Bittar has many options.”

Michael Fisher is a celebrity stylist with Starworks Artists.

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