On the surface, there are few similarities between Kate Middleton and Cressida Bonas beyond their royal connections. Kate is a new mother to Prince George, the royal heir, with Prince William, while Cressida is making headlines with her potential (read: we’re just a little bit jealous) engagement to Prince Harry. We set out to discover what these two royal women have in common—from friends to fashion taste—and what sets them apart.

Style showdown: KATE VS. PIPPA

Kate Middleton vs. Cressida Bonas: Fashion style

The Duchess of Cambridge has reined supreme over almost every best-dressed list we can think of, simply for never having a fashion faux pas with her classic, ladylike sense of style. Cressida—still barely on the fashion world’s radar—prefers a more nonchalant approach to how she dresses for royal events and red carpets. Think a pair of denim coveralls with sneakers and neon sunnies at a music festival—the essence of free-spirited style.

KATE MIDDLETON’S top fashion and beauty looks

Kate is often spotted sporting a pastel Jenny Packham gown with nude LK Bennett heels and a dash of luxe bling. Cressida, on the other hand, is more likely to be seen wearing lesser-known designers with little attention paid to this season’s top fashion trends. (This does not stop the young starlet from posing with a pair of Doc Martens kicks.) We’re eager to read the royal buzz over Cressida’s future wedding gown to see if she can beat Kate’s timeless Alexander McQueen ivory lace and satin dress. Predictions?

Kate Middleton vs. Cressida Bonas: Beauty taste

Next up at the round table is a look at how Kate and Cressida define their standards of beauty. We can count on one hand the number of beauty looks we’ve seen from Cressida, yet it’s impossible to measure the quantity (or quality) of Kate’s flawless looks that stem from her prestigious bridal beauty to her glowing maternity style. If they have one thing it common—it’s that both girls opt for barely-there makeup with just a touch of lipstick, mascara or blush to create a fresh face for the photogs.

When it comes to tucking hair beneath a diamond tiara, Kate and Cressida couldn’t be more different. Kate chooses to wear her soft, glossy brunette locks down and flowing, or in that perfect half-updo or low pony we strive to emulate in front of the mirror on a daily basis. Cressida is more frivolous with her bohemian-style blonde tresses and layers (she even wears scrunchies!) that usually appear wavy and flippant as they delicately sweep across her shoulders with a hairpin at the side. Cressida’s effortless beauty is best suited for those dreamy summer days or relaxing weekends spent shopping with the girls.

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Kate Middleton vs. Cressida Bonas: History lesson

Thirty-one-year-old Kate and 24-year-old Cressida both come from privileged families, although the Middletons worked their way up the ladder with a successful party planning business, while Cressida’s relations are titled aristocrats. Kate had a traditional childhood in Berkshire, but Cressida’s family favoured a more liberal upbringing—her popular 1960s model mother (and scandalous It-girl) Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon had an open-minded view of life. Both leading ladies placed emphasis on their education, with Kate studying Art History at the University of St. Andrews and Cressida focusing on a degree in Dance at Leeds University.


Kate Middleton vs. Cressida Bonas: In crowd
In the realm of friendship, Kate sticks to the more mature crowd with comrades like Zara Phillips, Victoria Beckham and Emilia d’Erlanger attending her royal nuptials and Prince George’s christening. Cressida—or “Cressy” as her gal pals like to call her—boasts a long list of royal chums, including Princess Eugenie (BFFs for life and the girl who introduced Cressida to Prince Harry), Arthur Landon and her half-sister Isabella Branson.

Kate Middleton vs. Cressida Bonas: Love life

Kate and Cressida have polar opposite interests when it comes to their taste in men. While Kate has settled down with the prim and proper Prince William after a long courtship, Cressida is currently chasing the wild and untamed Prince Harry. Kate is rumoured to have been eager to tie the knot with Will, while Cressida seems to be taking it slow with her future engagement to Prince Harry. What’s next for these two royal women? Only Big Ben’s ticking clock will tell.

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