Street Fashion has its roots in urban culture. Young people growing up in larger city centers use this kind of fashion as an avenue to help differentiate themselves and express their unique interests and style through their clothing and hair. This contrasts itself from Industry Fashion in that new trends emanate from the grassroots level. These trends are often unpredictable very unlike the trends coming from its fashion industry counterpart.

Many youth subcultures are involved in this kind of fashion including Goth, Punk, Hip hop, and Skater. Experimentation is the cornerstone of Street fashion. Deriving an individual style from a sea of different fashions makes participating both easy and daunting at the same time. It’s not uncommon to see people take the kind of quirky styles we see on the runway and adapt them to the street. This type of fashion resides in the periphery of the mainstream, allowing for the creation of very unique and innovative styles.

Thrift is in

You don’t have to break the bank to be on the vanguard of fashion. Vintage and resale clothing are a go-to for many street fashion mavens. The reduced cost means you can piece together more outfits and have a more diversified look. Mixing styles from different decades and periods is all part of the fun.

The Blogging Culture

Street Fashion is an inclusive global phenomenon that has an extremely active blogging community surrounding it. Many bloggers take a guerrilla style approach to covering the street fashion world by heading out onto the streets asking locals about their fashion habits.

Canadian Street Fashion Blogs

There are numerous street fashion blogs here in Canada that highlight the emerging trends and fashion events relevant to Canadians across the country.

Rantings of a Fashion Addict:

Ashleigh’s blog showcases many of the outfits she might wear every day and occasional reviews on products that she likes. The two areas she likes to splurge a little more are on her shoes and purses. This blog is a creative outlet to express another side of Ashleigh that is personal style and fashion.

With Love… :

With Love… allows Marta, an art student, to share her interests about fashion, art, architecture and literature. She also models her own styles that emphasize the chic aspects of street fashion. She believes that inspiration can come from the most ordinary of places and that the blogosphere is a testament to that.


Textstyles is a Toronto’s go-to blog for street style, fashion and culture. Stefania Yarhi’s blog captures the freshest local street chic. Whether it’s lowbrow or highbrow, local or overseas, fashion is centre stage at

Toronto Street Fashion:

Toronto Street Fashion was conceptualized by ex-fashion student, Rachel Schwab with a team of industry bloggers, including make-up artists, stylists, designers and fashion students. The blog contains street style pictures, local designers’ profiles, shopping ideas and fashion-related event listings and coverage.

Ottawa Street Style:

Ottawa Street Style was created by Danah Abdulla to help create a fashion movement in the city of Ottawa. The blog aims to find the citizens of the city that attempt to be creative with their wardrobes. Alongside street style photos, the blog features fashion and art related events around the city and a where to shop in Ottawa section.

Montreal Street Fashion:

Photography is his hobby and fashion his passion. Dan Martinez is a last year undergrad student who’s inspiration comes from the mix of North American and European cultures in Montreal. Consequently, he felt like he had to start blogging and capture the walking artwork of the city. His blog is a mix of events, celebrity and lots of everyday people rocking their very own personal style.

The Pregnant Goldfish:

This Street style blog based primarily out of Montreal was started by Alison Cohen, Dane Gerys and Marilis Cardinal. The three of them take pictures of what they find fashionable and funny in the bustling streets of Montreal and Toronto.

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