Our favourite glam ‘60s looks— from 3-D floral appliqués to beehive bouffants—are back this spring, and we’ve rounded up four ways to get the mod look at each level of expertise (punch-buggies not included).

Mod fashion trend lesson: Beginner

The dress

Spring 2013 runway trend inspiration: A 3-D effect at Missoni; a mesh of metallic fuchsia and neon at Christian Dior.

How to wear it:
The ethereal and silhouette-forgiving flow of the baby-doll dress carries that distinct air of the freewheeling ‘60s. Add a jeweled statement choker as a playful accent.

Where to wear it:
A classic trench and coloured tights can easily keep this look office appropriate and wearable during the tail end of winter. Add bow-embellished pumps for a night out, and strappy espadrilles for a night outside.

‘60s throwback: Moderate— floating and effervescent, it’s your direct line to channeling classic Twiggy chic.

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Mod fashion trend lesson: Beginner

The shades

Spring 2013 runway trend inspiration: The Jean Shrimpton-in-shades look at Moschino; High-tech Google specs at Diane von Furstenberg.

How to wear it:
Wide-rimmed and oversized or wraparound and sleek, your vintage-inspired spring shades look best with a fun wrap dress and a bright red pout for a modern twist.

Where to wear it:
Sunny conditions or not, dark, oversized shades add (and conceal) so much. Best worn en route to, during and post your front row debut—or any night out.

‘60s throwback:
Low— blame it on the sunlight or strobe lights for wearing your sunglasses at night.

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Mod fashion trend lesson: Novice

The patterned suit

Spring 2013 runway trend inspiration: Lemon
checkerboard chic at Louis Vuitton; optical illusion chiaroscuro
stripes at Marc Jacobs.

How to wear it: Careful,
it’s about to get graphic: clean lines and structure are meant to be broken when it comes to the patterned suit. Modify the runway look with a solid or colour-blocked heel.

Where to wear it: A perennial day look, the matching pant or skirt suit functions as an
office staple or
classic brunch option.

‘60s throwback:
High—we’re noticing a distinct Brigitte Bardot gingham style here.

Mod fashion trend lesson: Expert

The psychedelic pattern

Spring 2013 runway trend inspiration: A neon palette explosion in summery frocks and suits at Versus; the sartorial equivalent of a colourful hand-drawn Valentine’s Day card (loaded with hearts and shapes) at Moschino.

How to wear it: All sunny, all the time with a citrus-bright skirt, shoes and jacket and basic sheer black blouse for a hint of minimalism.

Where to wear it: Add a ruffled chiffon blouse in rainbow to a monochrome pantsuit for work—make that fuchsia for all other hours.

‘60s throwback:
High— a nostalgic haze of colour and free-flowing fabrics, this ‘60s throwback is one spring fling you can bank on this year.

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