Sophie Tweed-Simmons is no stranger to the spotlight. The 22-year-old has already starred in a reality television series (remember Family Jewels with father Gene Simmons and mother Shannon Tweed?), auditioned for The X Factor and modelled for countless high-profile campaigns. Now, Tweed-Simmons is adding fashion designer to her résumé with two new spring collections – one with The Style Club (an affordable online shopping destination) and another with customizable jewellery brand Diamondere. “I think capsule collections are the future of fashion,” says Tweed-Simmons. “I’m building a brand of collections based around empowering women and inspiring them to be unique.” Here, we asked her about having a positive body image, top spring trends and her best fashion advice.

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What does having a positive body image mean to you?

“I think positive body image really comes from the people that are wearing the clothes. Anything that shows off your personal style is contributing to your positive body image because you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.”

Why is having a positive body image so important?
“I honestly never knew that I had a positive body image because I was raised with the ideal of being confident with myself by my mom. She’s a really confident woman.”

How do you feel about the term “plus size?”
“It’s not plus-size clothing – I hate the term plus size. We’re all gorgeous women, so why are there plus-size women and small-size women? We’re all just one size.”

What’s your best advice for having a positive body image?

“Take everything the media throws at you with a grain of salt. Not every ad is the way you think it is and not every model is happy with her body. They’re all just regular women going through the same things you’re dealing with.”

How can women feel great about their bodies while shopping?
“Don’t look at the sizes on clothes – look at how the clothes fit you. A lot of women shy away from higher numbers because they don’t feel beautiful in that size. But it looks way more ridiculous wearing something much too small for you than if it actually fits.”

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Do you use filters on Instagram?
“I try not to use Instagram filters because they really distort the image. If I do use a filter, I make sure to hashtag which filter it is and make it really clear I’ve used one. At photo shoots, I even ask not to be smoothed or retouched.”

What’s the #1 spring trend encouraging a positive body image?
“With the ’70s fashion trend, the waist is so important to accentuate, especially with high-waisted jeans. I’m excited for women to show off and be proud of their bodies again.”

What’s your favourite Spring 2015 fashion trend?
“At New York Fashion Week, I saw a lot of fringe. I’m so excited that it’s coming back. I have some amazing Western fringe jackets that I’ve been holding onto since high school.”

What’s the #1 fashion piece in your closet?
“My mom gave me vintage forest green Chanel slingbacks. I’ve never worn them because I’m terrified of ruining them. They’re just on display in my closet. I think they’re from 1978.”

What’s the one fashion essential every woman should own?

“I think owning a pair of black trousers is really important. Not jeans, not leggings, but professional black pants.”

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