Is there anything more Canadian than Roots and Drake? A Roots and Drake collaboration. Roots teamed up with OVO to bring back the legendary Calgary Varsity Jacket for a limited edition release at select stores across the country. The vintage-inspired piece is based on the original Roots Awards Jacket made in 1988 for the Jamaican bobsled team during the Winter Olympics in Calgary. Each jacket features a number of patches — including OVO’s signature owl against the Jamaican flag and Roots’ iconic beaver — with yellow and green embroidery and piping. 

There’s a cool story behind this jacket, too. When the team travelled from Jamaica to Canada to compete in the upcoming games, Roots outfitted the group with sweatshirts and jackets to help the them deal with the winter weather. Their triumphant debut at the games later inspired the 1993 classic, Cool Runnings, which featured the Roots jacket. The jacket was first released last year when Roots and OVO collaborated to design a jacket based on the original to celebrate the event’s 30th anniversary. 

The jacket retails for $698 and is available in-store at two locations in Vancouver and Calgary. Hurry!