As provinces and territories move toward reopening businesses and workplaces, safety measures such as practicing good hygiene and wearing face masks will be important to lower the risk of spreading COVID-19.

That’s why Canadian fashion label Pink Tartan has partnered with Labatt Breweries to donate 135,000 non-medical masks as part of reopening kits that will be distributed to restaurants and bars across the country. Also included in the kits are: hand sanitizer, sanitizer towels, social distancing signage and tools for contactless menus (QR code coasters, tent cards and point-of-sale integration).

“It was a really great project because my background is in menswear and I could design something that was strong, iconic and unisex,” said designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran.

The cotton masks – designed by Newport-Mimran and produced locally in Toronto – feature recognizable, Canadiana-inspired patterns. The three styles include a poppy print, a lumberjack red and black buffalo check pattern and a graphic quatrefoil pattern – a signature detail of Pink Tartan – on a denim “Canadian tuxedo” base.

In addition to restaurants, approximately 20,000 masks will donated to Food Banks Canada.


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