However 2013 unfolds, you can rest assured of a few fashionable details: there will be more colour, wiseful shopping habits employed and a better commitment to a healthy detox — at least when it comes to top Canadian fashion designers and bloggers. We polled a few of our favourite personalities (if you don’t know their names yet you will this year) for their top fashionable New Year resolutions. So raise a glass to 2013 and make a few of your own — we’re less likely to stray if we’re in this together.

Amanda Lew Kee, fashion designer


Photo courtesy of Amanda Lew Kee.

"1. Shop smart! Build a long-lasting wardrobe and reduce my carbon footprint. Quality over quantity; and 2. To capture the essence of what I call ‘Canadian Born Natural Luxury’ a capsule collection that I am releasing this new year in collaboration with Roots."

The Coveteur


Photo by Jake Rosenberg.

 Erin Kleinberg, co-founder and fashion designer

"Keeping a New Year’s resolution is like Keeping Up with The Coveteur… it ain’t easy! However, in 2013, I plan to keep up with my pilates regime (I’m addicted to Body Harmonics in Toronto) and embrace more colour into my wardrobe. (And yes, navy and maroon qualify as colours during the fall/winter season.)

Stephanie Mark, co-founder and stylist

"Like Erin, I tend to keep a New Year’s resolutions for about as long as I keep my manicure unchipped — it’s always short-lived. This year, I plan to break that habit though. I’ve been really into juicing (who isn’t?) and definitely will be keeping that up. My main New Year’s fashion resolution is to save more and then splurge more; I’ve really learned the value in investment pieces and living an edited life."

Jay Strut, fashion blogger


Photo courtesy of Jay Strut.

"Top fashion resolution this year? Definitely to wear more colour!"

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Jennifer Fukushima, designer/CEO, Paper People Clothing


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Fukushima.

"My New Year’s resolution is to buy higher-quality items that are timeless and versatile. Nothing is a bigger bummer than having to throw away your favourite sweater because it’s covered in pills. I like to skip the cheap synthetics and opt for high-quality natural fibres like wool, silk and cotton that stand the test of time and age naturally."

Paul Hardy, designer


Photo courtesy of Paul Hardy.

"I think one should resolve to invest in anything reflective of the Art Deco period. I believe that that era will make a strong resurgence this year, and it is a timeless aesthetic. A modern way to incorporate that into one’s existing wardrobe will be to invest in an embellished or a graphic brocade piece, or statement jewellery; a friend of mine gave me a notepad to issue fashion citations and I plan to use them in airports in an effort to rid the epidemic of inappropriate traveller fashion."

Joeffer Caoc, designer


Photo courtesy of Joeffer Caoc.

"Do whatever makes you happy (…as long as you don’t get caught!)."

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