Leave it to irreverent, cheeky Canadian brand Moose Knuckles to have a website that asks the visitor if they are over 18. For the new fall/winter season, the Canadian outerwear label tapped buzzy Toronto collective Kid. Studio to create a campaign featuring a tongue-in-cheek parody of an ’80s slasher flick. The plot can be summed up as thus: A donut-franchise heiress named Kim Horton (oh yes, they went there) is stranded with her friends at the Shady Maple Motel on New Year’s Eve and the gang won’t make it to ring in 2019. The two-minute “trailer” skewers cheesy horror-film tropes with non-existent character development and plenty of gratuitous nudity (hence the “are you over 18?” on the site). 

“It was completely natural to create a campaign around my lifelong love of cheesy drive-in movies, in my hometown,” said Moose Knuckles creative director, Steph Hoff in the film’s release. Like the production team, the cast was also all-Canadian, with most hailing from Toronto. 

Watch the video below, at your own risk—it goes without saying it’s a bit NSFW.