Name: Sam Freedberg, @samfreedberg

Age: 20 

Years you’ve been modeling: “3.” 

Notable jobs to date: “Walking exclusively for Jil Sander.

Define eccentricity. What does it mean to you? “To me that would mean having your own unique style; being an individual.”

What is the most treasured piece in your closet? “Definitely my Tom Ford shoes!”

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This shoot was wild to say the least. Was embodying this character a stretch for you? “Yeah, it was kind of a challenge to get into character, but once you embrace it, it can be very fun.” 

Did your time on set influence your personal style or prompt you to try new things? “Some of the clothes I was shown kind of opened my mind up to what I could wear, and I’ve tried to keep it in mind a little bit when I’m getting dressed or shopping!” 

What was your favourite look from the shoot? “I always like wearing suits during shoots, so [the suit] would probably be my favourite look. 

How would you describe your go-to fashion uniform? “On a day-to-day basis, I normally wear a T-shirt and jeans. But I like to get dressy once in a while.”

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What is the best style advice you’ve ever been given? “To be confident in what you are wearing.

Your most memorable fashion faux pas? “Even though crocs are comfortable, they should stay at the cottage.”

What has been your most adventurous outfit to date? “I’ve worn a lot of crazy stuff for shoots, so it would be pretty hard to narrow it down. It would probably be when I wore a plastic shirt [for an editorial shoot].”

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Do you have dual style personalities when dressing for day vs. a night out on the town? Perhaps work vs. real life? “I’m actually pretty predictable. I wear a T-shirt, jeans and my Converse basically everywhere I go.” 

Who is your eccentric style icon? “I like how Jon Hamm dressed in Mad Men. His looks were timeless and professional. I guess he’s not all that eccentric, but he is my style icon.”

What is one trend you wish you could try? “The man bun seems to be pretty popular these days…

With your exposure to the industry as a model, do you find yourself growing more or less adventurous in style? “I would say probably a little bit more, but my style hasn’t changed all that much.” 

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Can an eccentric look ever be too much? How can you tell if it has gone too far? “It can go too far, but nowadays people are pushing the boundaries more and more. As long as you’re comfortable in what you’re in I don’t think it matters what it is you’re wearing.” 

Best place in your city for fab fashion finds: “I would say Kensington Market! Queen West is also a great place with some pretty cool stores.”

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