Name: Juliann Hergott, @juliannhergott

Age: 18
How long have you been modeling? “2.5 years.”

Most notable jobs: “The Rudsak F/W16 campaign.”

Define eccentricity. What does it mean to you? “To me, eccentricity means being different and stepping a little outside of your comfort zone and trying something new. It’s about being a little more adventurous with the colours you choose or how you pair your clothes.”
What is the most treasured piece in your closet? “My Mackage leather jacket because it can easily be paired with any outfit for a bit of an edgy look.”
This shoot was wild to say the least. Was embodying this character a stretch for you? “I wouldn’t say it was a stretch, though it was definitely different and out of the ordinary. Being able to take on a character and adapt to a style that is so different from your own is what makes the job so exciting.”
Did your time on set influence your personal style or prompt you to try new things? “It definitely prompts me to try new things. Being on the set all the time allows me to see how stylists pair things together in ways I never think of on my own. After seeing them do it, it is an inspiration to try it on my own.”

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What was your favourite look from the shoot? “My favourite look had to be the heavy pink knit dress. I swear it weighed 35 pounds. I was also wearing an enormous tulle hat, I must say it was a really fun look.”
How would you describe your go-to fashion uniform? “Definitely simple. Lots of neutral colours and versatile pieces.”  
What is the best style advice you’ve ever been given? “That confidence is key. Regardless of what you are wearing you always look better when you are confident.”

Your most memorable fashion faux pas? “Up until this point I don’t have one that I recall; let’s hope it stays that way!”

What has been your most adventurous outfit to date? “Metallic shorts with a chiffon crop top.”

Who is your eccentric style icon?  “Iris Apfel. I love how she pairs bright colours with lots of chunky jewellery.” 

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What is one trend you wish you could try?
“Long tunic T-shirts.”
With your exposure to the industry as a model, do you find yourself growing more or less adventurous in style?
“I feel like it definitely makes you [become] more adventurous because of all the exposure you have working with stylists, it prompts you to try new things.”
Can an eccentric look ever be too much? How can you tell if it has gone too far? “On set, everyone kept saying “more is more.” With an eccentric shoot everything is a little out of the box, so there is no such thing as too much.”
Best place in your hometown for fab fashion finds: “A vintage store in uptown Waterloo called Luster & Oak.”

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