For a limited time, you can take a step into the world of Louis Vuitton in Vancouver.

Held atop one of the city’s tallest buildings in a luxury private-residence penthouse (with a 360-degree panoramic view of the city, nbd), guests are invited to experience the house’s heritage and craftsmanship in an immersive savoir-faire experience.

Savoir-faire, which translates to “know-how” in French, refers to the distinctive details and artisanal expertise unique to the house. Each room in the 8,000-square-feet space features shoppable classic and bespoke pieces, ranging from exclusive exotic handbags to items just launched in Canada. It’s also a chance to get a first look at Objets Nomades, Louis Vuitton’s furniture collection created in collaboration with international designers, which makes its debut at the event.

If you’re feeling extra indulgent, there’s an on-site hand-painting service where guests can customize and set their own seal on different pieces. Or splurge on custom drawings of made-to-order pieces with one of Louis Vuitton’s in-house artisans.

Visits can be arranged by appointment only from October 18 to 24. Get a look at the experience below.

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