Name: Judith Maria Bradley, @judithmariabradley

Age: 70 years of age

Years you’ve been involved in the fashion world:
“Two years ago I started an acting career and though there have been a couple of lovely ads and a Hip-Hop music video, this is my first fashion endeavour.”  

Define eccentricity. What does it mean to you? “When we say eccentric I know the dictionary version, but to me I would rather not categorize people into gender, age or style. We are and should be as different as our thumbprint.”

What is the most treasured piece in your closet?
“A vintage 1940 Balenciaga evening gown. I also have some wonderful vintage hats that are pricelessly elegant.”

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This shoot was wild to say the least. Was embodying this character a stretch for you? “No! Though the shoot was colourful and I would not wear my hair like that every day, it was just wonderful; not mad! It was far better than a family sitting around in clothing that looks like pyjamas!”

What was your favourite look from the shoot? “The Issey Miyake dress and coat!”

How would you describe your go-to fashion uniform? “Black on black. It gives you the edge to wear or not wear great accessories.”

The best style advice you’ve ever received? “STAY DRESSED AND STAY READY! You never know what will happen!”

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Most memorable fashion faux pas? “Again it’s a CATEGORIZATION! Really, WHO CARES!”

What has been your most adventurous outfit to date? “I do not think in adjectives like adventurous when I think of clothing. Lion hunting is adventurous. If it feels right, wear it. Just do it. Own it. You are presenting your soul to the outside world.”

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Do you have dual style personalities when dressing for day vs. a night out? Perhaps work vs. real life? “Wear what is you. Be comfortable (you must feel at ease in your clothing). It is about YOU entering the room; you should wear your clothing, your clothing should not wear YOU!”

What is one trend you wish you could try?
“I do not like trends, I do not follow. I make my choices on what suits my body. My daughter says I could easily wear a garbage bag! Okay, trend that!”

Do you find yourself growing more or less adventurous in your approach to dressing?
“I always have been ahead of my time. Our clothes should reflect our political environment, our ecological arena and our association to our lives.”

How can you tell if an eccentric look has gone too far?
“You can feel it. You should be able to see it!”

Best place in Toronto for fab fashion finds?
“All vintage stores! We really must stop wasting. We should repurpose our clothing. Used clothing shows respect for our past without which we would not be in the present and have no future.”

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