8 Unconventional Jewellery Brands We Love

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Because there’s more to covetable jewellery than just gold and precious gemstones. 

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    Corey Moranis

    © Corey Moranis

    Who: Corey Moranis

    Material: Lucite

    Toronto-based Corey Moranis makes all her jewellery using lucite, designing forms that utilize the plastic’s high clarity to play with light. Lucite blocks are made by colouring and mixing liquid plastic together to be sculpted while the marbled lucite is made from scratch. The material is also lightweight, comfortable to wear and doesn’t lose its shine over time.

    Our pick: Loop earrings ($135), available at http://www.coreymoranis.com/

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    Oz & Ella

    © Oz & Ella

    Who: Oz & Ella

    Material: Silicon

    Oz & Ella was inspired by designer Kelly’s experience as a new mom. After creating jewellery for over a decade, mainly working with pearls, she began to search for pieces that would be safe for a curious baby who could chew on anything while still being stylish. The result is a colourful, geometric collection made from food grade silicon pendants and wooden beads.

    Our pick: Chloe bracelet ($18), available at https://ozandella.com/

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    © dconstruct

    Who: dconstruct

    Material: Recycled resin

    This eco-friendly brand, designed and manufactured in Winnipeg, hand-makes their jewellery from architectural materials like concrete, corian (used for countertops) and ecoresin (hard plastic used in lighting and interiors). Part of each piece is made from pre-consumer recycled material that would have otherwise been waste from the manufacturing of skylights, store fixtures and vending machine covers. These materials are mixed with different metals and finishes for a chic, up-cycled look.

    Our pick: Marble concrete brass necklace ($70), available at https://www.dconstruct.ca/

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    © forestière

    Who: forestière

    Material: Natural fibres

    forestière is a fibre-based jewellery and art collection handmade by Sara K. MacLellan in her Vancouver-based studio, focused on sustainability and influenced by the landscapes of northern Ontario where she grew up. The pieces are made using natural fibres dyed with plant-based colours combined with simple hardware for a minimal, back-to-earth look.

    Our pick: Ramie wrapped earrings ($48), available at https://www.forestiere.ca/

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    Stable State

    © New Classics
    Who: Stable State

    Material: Soapstone and wood 

    Stable State is a line of contemporary jewellery by Jared Sykes, an Edmonton-based industrial designer who is inspired by ecological systems to explore different material, structural and functional concepts. The collection draws influence from his experience in biological sciences and uses materials like soapstone (which erodes with use) to create objects that evolve with the wearer. 

    Our pick: Laurel Erode Stone Necklace ($75), available at https://newclassics.ca
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    © New Classics
    Who: Talee

    Material: Wool and pearl cotton fibres 

    Lorraine Lee was inspired to create Talee (which means "rope" in Bahasa) while tying knots with her father, who suffered from short-term memory, as a form of cognitive therapy. Designed to be lightweight and even washable, the colourful knotted earrings are handmade in Calgary and are fade-resistant.  

    Our pick: Kupu Earrings in Tulip/Lemon ($130), available at https://newclassics.ca
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    © The Break
    Who: LUINY 

    Material: Wood 

    LUINY is the jewellery line from Luiny Rivera, a New York-based self-taught designer. Originally from Puerto Rico, the Rivera focuses on an organic design process influenced the forms and textures from her travels and lifestyle. All pieces are made from recycled materials, including metals and wood, to create bold yet minimal everyday jewellery. 

    Our pick: Wood Mobile Earrings ($135 USD), available at https://shopthebreak.com
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    Moonlight for Violet

    © Moonlight for Violet
    Who: Moonlight for Violet

    Material: Ceramic 

    Colourful ceramics meets fun shapes in this geometric-inspired jewellery line from Toronto-based Moonlight for Violet. These necklaces and earrings are designed to make a subtle statement, adding an element of playfulness to the everyday. 

    Our pick: Ceramic Circle U Dangle Earrings ($28), available at www.moonlightforviolet.com
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