LOFT tasked Jessi Klein, comedian, Inside Amy Schumer executive producer and author of the hilarious memoir You’ll Grow Out of It, to create a series of delightful comedy shorts. The videos riff on spring’s perennial floral trend in a way that’s equal parts irreverent and relatable. We asked Klein about her take on fashion, humour and spontaneous dance breaks.

Tell me about the process of creating them, how long did they take to write and execute?

“Writing the videos took about a week. And then we shot them all in one fun-filled day.”

Has fashion always been an interest of yours? Anything you’re wearing on repeat?

“I was always interested in fashion via actresses I was obsessed with – I remember desperately wanting to look like both Winona Ryder and Janeane Garofalo from Reality Bites.”

I’m curious about some of these scenarios. Have you sent flowers to yourself or attended a garden party recently?

“I have actually never been invited to a garden party, which is probably why I buy flowers for myself so often.”

What’s the takeaway from these videos?

“I genuinely have always loved wearing floral patterns and most of the tops and dresses in my closet are florals, even though I’m not a “girly girl” (whatever that really means.) I was excited to write something about clothes that felt a little more odd and absurd than what you might generally expect from a mainstream label.”

Was there a moment in your life when you realized you were funny?

“I took an art class my senior year of high school where my easel was positioned next to the easel one of the really popular girls in school. I was not popular and had never spoken to her. We ended up chatting every class and one day she said ‘You’re really funny,’ and I had somehow internalized her opinion as the one that mattered.”

What’s been making you laugh lately?

“My 2-year-old son.”

How often do you spontaneously break into dance in real life?

“Literally every day.”

Check out the three videos below.