Is the key to a great closet just a few pairs of amazing shoes?

Aug 26 2016 by
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Hear us out on this one, ok?  

For the sartorially inclined, there’s a bottomless pool of amazing fashion to dip into: asymmetrical knits, girly ruffled blouses and embellished denim are just the start. But there’s a downside to all that choice. The speed of the fashion cycle can make shopping feel like a never-ending game of fill-in-the-blanks.  Bought a frilly bow blouse? Now you need a high-waist trouser to go with it. Sometimes new clothes actually create a gap in your wardrobe rather than fill one.

Stocking your closet with of-the-moment statement pieces might make you feel like a fashion high roller, but how much wear will that metallic Gucci bomber stand to get?  Lately, I’ve noticed a trick employed by the real-world women I find most stylish: investing in great, gasp-inducing, conversation-starting shoes and pairing them with really good basics. Like a plain white tee and vintage Levi’s worn with a pair of pearl-heeled Nicholas Kirkwood loafers or two-tone Chanel mules. Of course, extras like cool jewellery or a bold bag don’t hurt. When you don’t dress up your most special shoes, and pair them with every day staples instead, you give them an insouciant, “oh, these old things?” quality. Call it effortless, French-girl, or just plain cool.

Splurging on a pair of the season’s It-shoe isn’t so scary when you know you’ll wear them on the daily, collecting complements with every step.  



The gold Gucci shoes just make this look. 



A basic jeans and a sweater gets a boost—literally—from these stompin’ boots. 



It’s all about that pop of colour. 

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