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Confessions of a gadget girl

By Noreen Flanagan

My name is Noreen Flanagan. I am editor-in-chief of ELLE Canada—and unlike my colleague Lara (see blog below) I am a gadget gal. Back in the day, when I splurged on my first laptop computer (a PC-clone Raven), I got an inkling of what it’s like to have—and how delicious it is to induce—gadget envy. I still wince to think of how long I carted around my first-generation Blackberry before splurging on an upgrade. So… when I visited my cousin Ruth and her husband Darrell in the spring and they proudly produced their iPad (it wasn’t available in Canada yet, but Darrell—an Apple acolyte—had purchased one in the States while on business) I was smitten and oh, so envious. Like my old Blackberry—I’d been technologically scooped. Not only by my cousin, but by the one million people who had bought the iPad within 28 days of its release on April 30. My name is Noreen Flanagan. I am editor-in-chief of ELLE Canada and I’m proud to say I’m now the fashionably late owner of a swanky, new iPad!  (Lara, if you get that LV case and it can’t carry all your Hermès scarves, I’d be happy to take if off your hands.)

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