Party season – and all that comes with it – can definitely be nerve-wracking. From seeing old friends to that on-again-off-again ex (we’ve been there!), the last thing you should be worrying about is taking a good picture. Luckily, former model (and newest member of our fashion team!) Madison Schill is on-hand to make sure we make the most of the season’s festivities. Here’s the exclusive scoop she gave us on how to look great in any photo:
Be yourself.
1. Your goal is always to feel great, but it’s also to make the viewer feel fabulous, inspired and confident while looking at the image. So, making sure your smile is authentic and having a truly fun time is key. Leave all those insecurities (we all have ’em!) at the door!

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Learn your angles.
2. Creating triangles is a good way to elongate the look of the body. That’s why putting one knee out with the feet together creates a slim silhouette, and it’s also why so many celebrities place their hand on their hip before being snapped. #nowyouknow
Chin up!
3. Push your chin out and down like you’re putting it on an imaginary pedestal. It creates sharper angles around the face on camera, though you might feel silly doing it in-person!
Don’t worry, be happy.
4. Smile from the most authentic, genuine place possible. If you look hesitant, it doesn’t matter how perfect you look; that twinkle in your eye will win every time.

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Be body conscious.
5. Make sure you do something with your hands, even if they’re down by your side. Keep some kind of energy and life in them. Often when we get nervous we forget that our hands need to be present, too. Poor posture (don’t forget your shoulders!) and lifeless limbs can make a photo feel fake.

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