Furry shoes, a white coat, an orange dress, a boxy bag… The list of fashion essentials you need for Fall 2015 is endless! Cue in Toronto-based Judy Inc. stylist Rachel Matthews Burton with the expert tips you need to navigate autumn’s top trends without breaking the bank. (With these secrets in mind, you’ll have a little extra for a candy apple and a Ferris wheel ride at this year’s fall fair. #success)

What are the five easiest Fall 2015 fashion trends to shop for on a budget?
“Shop for the trends that resonate with you and those that work for your body type and lifestyle, not just your budget. I would start with the Neo-Victorian, some daring prints, the continuing seventies vibe, a touch of rich texture (like faux fur, velvet or satin) and a statement white blouse.”

If you can’t afford to buy all the Fall 2015 trends, which are the most important ones to shop for?
“Instead of rushing out to buy all the trends in all iterations, start with what’s in your closet and build from there. If you have countless pairs of jeans, consider the Neo-Victorian trend and add a high-neck lace top. If you have a few blazers that need updating, add a faux fur piece to the collar.”

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What summer fashion pieces can you easily transition into your Fall 2015 wardrobe?
“The kimono – layer it up witha long-sleeved fitted T-shirt and a narrow skirt. Flared jeans easily go with blazers and sweaters. With the jumpsuit, add a blazer or a crisp, white shirt underneath.”

If you’re looking for a new fall wardrobe, where should you shop so you can save money?
“If you find something you love and it’s over budget, ask a friendly sales person to alert you when the sales are on or sign up for in-store emails. Statement clothing pieces can be found in the most unusual places, including your friends’ closets. I recently swapped a dressy top for a more casual one with my girlfriend.”

If you could only afford to purchase one new clothing item for fall, what would it be?
“The statement white blouse. The versatility and the range of price points makes it accessible to everyone.”

Do you think shopping for a new fall wardrobe is about quality or quantity?

“I recommend putting your money into a good pair of shoes, boots and a purse. Jewellery can be really inexpensive and dress up the plainest of canvases. They also allow for a lot of mix and match opportunities. If you think $200 for a pair of jeans is too much, and yet you would spend that on a one-time-wear party dress, you should play the price-per-wear game.”

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What are your best tips for shopping on a budget?

“Follow my two golden rules for buying anything: Firstly, if your stomach turns over when you’re handing over your plastic, put it down and walk away. Secondly, decide that whatever comes into your space must be something that you absolutely love.”

What should you avoid when shopping on a budget?

“Shopping with friends who have huge credit card debt.”

Are there any tweaks you can make to your outfit to make it look more expensive?

“One of the biggest giveaways that an item looks cheap is the belt. You know those plastic skinny belts that often accompany dresses or pants? Remove it and replace it with a good leather one..”

Are there any fabrics/colours/embellishments/accessories you should look for/avoid when shopping on a budget?
“The best way to keep your fabrics looking fresh is to launder them gently and never put anything in the dryer.”

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