Earlier this week, venerable street style photographer Mr. Newton posted a photo he took of a fashion blogger he spotted strutting down Park Avenue; so far, so typical. She was wearing socks with sandals, a hot pink clutch and oh, a completely sheer top with nothing on underneath. No bra. Just breasts, nipples and all: not exactly typical Upper East Side attire. Whether she makes a habit of going to lunch bare-chested or if she was simply using her assets as blogger bait is one issue. Another is, of course, the transparency fashion trend. Obviously, she’s into it. And she’s not the only one. For the past couple of seasons designers have been playing peek-a-boo on runways with an abundance of sheer, now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t fabrics and if fall runways are any indication, it’s not going anywhere soon. From see-through skirts at Louis Vuitton to sheer blouses at Givenchy, it’s safe to say we’ll all be showing a little more skin this fall (and next spring too, for that matter). But, when it comes to transparency in fashion and understanding how to dress in these trends, there’s clearly plenty that can go wrong.

Here’s how to dress and go sheer without going bust.

Do dare to bare.

We don’t endorse the all-or-nothing approach but this is definitely one fashion trend that requires some guts. But that doesn’t necessarily relegate it to Rated R territory. Transparency can absolutely be classy if done right, so whether your style leans toward pretty buttoned-up blouses with delicate see-through sleeves or sexy
cocktail dresses with sheer paneling, don’t be afraid to show a little skin. That is after all, the point.

Don’t confuse runway with real life.

It may just be a strip of floor with chairs on either side, but a catwalk is a kind of fantasy world where anything can happen. Sometimes it looks like the real world, but sometimes it really doesn’t. Monstrous
reptile shoes, furry Sasquatch snowsuits, pastel-hued hair—the idea is inspiration, not imitation. Take Dior’s ethereal bare-all gowns, none of which anyone blinked an eye at. Totally normal on a runway. Not so much on Park Avenue.

More tips on how to dress in this season’s transparency fashion trend on the next page…

Givenchy-RF11-2306edit.jpgDo layer up.
The easiest way to pull off transparency without abandoning all modesty is to experiment with layers. Try pairing a sheer maxi skirt with a fitted mini underneath or a wearing a pretty diaphanous blouse over a camisole, bandeau top or even belted over a dress. Keep the look modern by juxtaposing your sheer fabrics with weightier pieces like leather leggings, cotton tees and structured jackets.

Don’t forget to wear a bra.
There was a time when we thought this one would be a given, but apparently times have changed. So here it is on the record; bras are a good thing, especially when paired with sheer tops. So get thee to a lingerie shop and into a pretty new brassiere because the way this transparency trend is ramping up, you are going need it.

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