Hot Topic: Chubby male celebs

Jan 24 2011 by
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Can they get away with it?

I was dipping into our celebrity photo archives this morning to work on this
slideshow and I stumbled across a somewhat surprising image of Michael Bublé. Clearly the paparazzi caught him on vacay on what we can only imagine is a private yacht (Ah, the life of celebrity.) Anyhow, I think the picture warrants an interesting dialogue: Take a look at his image, take a really good look. He’s looking a little loose, right? Maybe one too many poolside Pina Coladas? It begs the question:
Do you care? Does this picture change your opinions on Bublé? If you find him attractive, does this image deter from that? The reason I ask you this is because, let’s face it: Female celebrities don’t have this same level of carte blanche. How many times have you visited a major website portal and there is a photo gallery of "Celebrities in bikinis!" or "Jennifer Aniston’s diet secrets revealed!" Bublé’s belly won’t make it on the cover of People magazine or US Weekly, but remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt was
photographed on the beach with,
gasp, visible cellulite? It made
headlines everywhere and, although Hewitt was reported as saying she "loves her body", guess who dropped the weight and appeared on another
cover, vastly thinner?

One of our favourite models of all time has to be
Crystal Renn. Spectacularly beautiful, she has appeared in our fashion pages several times. She has championed curvy girls and fought for her
definition of beauty. But, when Karl Lagerfeld came knocking at her door to work Chanel’s
2011 resort collection the glossies were aghast: Renn no longer looked plus-sized. Subsequently, the blogosphere also went ballistic: Did she lose weight to get the gig? Is she conforming to the unrealistic demands set out for runway models? The jury is still out on that one. Speaking of which, what do you think? Share your thoughts. We always love to hear from you!

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