There’s a reason that adding a chunky silver statement necklace to any outfit elevates your look to something almost magical (we think it’s the sparkle effect). And whether it’s adding an elegant rhinestone necklace or bold teardrop earrings, “Your outfit should act as the centre, and the accessory is what moves your eye around it,” says Lindsay MacMillan, co-owner of ELLE Hardware jewellery and accessories boutique in Toronto.

We asked MacMillan to share her expert shopping tips on how to select and pair statement jewellery with your holiday party look this season.

Holiday party jewellery: Consider your outfit

“There are two kinds of girls,” offers MacMillan. “The kind who picks her dress and shoes, and the adds her jewellery and bag afterward. And the girl who chooses a statement piece and builds her outfit around it.” If you’re opting for a little black dress and pairing it with statement purple earrings, have a hint of purple appear somewhere else in your outfit—like your handbag or heel. “See what initially caught your eye in the piece of jewellery, and go back to accentuate it in,” she adds.


And think about your holiday party hairstyle, too. “If you’re wearing your hair up, add a statement earring.” Or go for a sparkly stud in a gemstone that accents your dress or eye colour.

Holiday party jewellery: Go for what catches your eye

When out shopping for your holiday party bling, keep an open mind. “Don’t be too set on finding a certain thing,” says MacMillan. Otherwise you could spend the entire day searching for the perfect square-cut emerald earring that—unless you’ve seen it before— exists only in your imagination. “Have a style inspiration in mind instead of a precise piece.”

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holiday-jewellery-2222.jpgHoliday party jewellery: Have an all-purpose statement piece

As those last-minute invites roll in, having a piece that you absolutely love and can go with any outfit is your stylish saving grace this season. “A multi-stone bracelet is so key,” says MacMillan. Think mixed tones—ruby red, cobalt blue, gold or emerald—with a silver clasp. It works with any outfit, and because it sits on the wrist, it won’t be front and centre anyway—so it will complement your look without distracting from it.

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Or have stackable pieces—like rings or thin bangles—that you can mix and match with different metals. Try layering multiple necklaces of different lengths to bring a sophisticated touch to a collared blouse or holiday dress—be sure to consider the neckline of your dress and find a piece that won’t compete or clash with it.

Holiday party jewellery: Add a pair of killer earrings

To transition beautifully from your office to evening look, “Always have backup earrings in your bag,” says MacMillan. Think a pair of classic cubic zirconia earrings to brighten up the face. If you’re going for a more preppy-chic look, pearl earrings go with everything. “Throw your hair up in a top knot bun or ponytail and add a pair of earrings to lighten up the face,” says MacMillan. “It’s a small transition but has a big impact.”

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Holiday party jewellery: Have fun and fall in love

Find pieces that you love and you’ll always find a time and place to wear them—don’t worry about sticking to on-trend items. “If you truly love a piece of jewellery, you’re going to throw it into your wardrobe no matter what,” says MacMillan. While certain classic styles—think gold or crystal statement necklaces—may be timeless, there will be more events past the holiday party season to bring a piece back out again. “It becomes a part of you,” says MacMillan.

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