When one thinks of bold, colourful and sometimes tongue-in-cheek fashion, Hayley Elsaesser comes to mind. From eclectic pop culture-inspired prints to nostalgia-tinged colour-blocking, the Toronto-based designer brings all her signature details to a new collaboration with Simons.

Aimed toward a younger demographic, the Hayley Elsaesser x Twik collection features Canadian-themed prints – including cowboy hats, waves and mountains – in candy-coloured denim, fleece, knit and neoprene fabrics, all inspired by growing up in the ’90s and in various parts of the country. For Elsaesser (who runs the the business with her brother, Connor), collaborations are integral to the brand. As a smaller, independent label, this gives them the opportunity to increase their reach, make the price point more accessible and grow creatively. “It’s always nice for me to have a different collaboration and do something fresh because it pushes me as a designer to try something new and do something that we couldn’t achieve on our own,” she says.

As for the patterns, Elsaesser says it’s a tribute to both her brand and Simons as Canadian fashion success stories. “I think that’s really important because it’s a big accomplishment in Canada,” she says. “That’s not the norm.” The Hayley Elsaesser x Twik collection ranges from $39 to $69 and is available online at simons.ca and in-stores.

Check out campaign images from the collaboration below.

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