It’s not easy being a top model. Gigi Hadid, who has been joined by her sister Bella on spring 2016 catwalks this month, has a message for her haters. She took to Instagram this morning to remind us all that times are changing: designers are hiring a more diverse model crew, which is giving new depth to fashion. Its art, Hadid writes, of the new mood on the runway and in editorials. Just because she doesnt look like the majority of models on the catwalk, she argues, it doesnt mean there isnt a place for her and girls with different body types.Your mean comments dont make me want to change my body,” she insists, crafting a strong message about acceptance and perseverance in an industry that is coming around to changing its image. Hadid is handing us the reigns, urging her followers and reluctant followers to be more open minded about what fashion is and what it looks like. Are you on board?

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