The revival of tennis was nowhere more apparent than at Lacoste, a brand whose sartorial conventions were built on the jeu de paume. Since taking the helm in 2018, creative director Louise Trotter—an under-the-radar talent with a knack for reviving somewhat stale heritage brands—has dissected and distilled the tennis uniform into its purest form: ultra-sophisticated sportswear. Trotter’s offering this season, a 20-look collection drenched in feel-good nostalgia, was ripe with modern amendments: an arts-and-crafts approach to construction (note the track jackets transformed into pants in the Lacoste photo above); Wimbledon whites worn with kicky pops of vermilion, lemon yellow and hunter green; and outside-the-box embroidery fashioned by couture house Maison Lemarié (with standout loose threads dangling from the hem and cuffs). Fortunately for unathletic types, you don’t need a deft backhand to don these newest iterations—athleisure separates elevated to perfection are total winners on and off the court.