From left to right: Michael Kors, Marchesa, Jeremy Scott, Proenza Schouler, Boss

Sarah Thompson, content producer:

1. Michael Kors: Kendall Jenner rocks the runway in this oversized (and ultra cozy) blue fur coat I could totally see myself warming up with this come fall. 

2. Marchesa: Although the red and black floral appliqués are gorgeous, I’d rather see them on one of Marchesa’s signature ball gowns than this fringe blouse.

3. Jeremy Scott: Miley Cyrus will fall head-over-heels for this OTT kaleidoscope look!

4. Proenza Schouler: The asymmetry and rich colour of this gown would definitely make a style star stand out in the streets of NYC. Get ready for your close-up!

5. Boss: The tailoring at Boss Fall 2015 was exceptional, from this colour-blocked coat to the metallic slip dresses. Congrats, Jason Wu!

Lisa Guimond, fashion features editor:

1. Michael Kors: This is yeti-meets-Manhattan, and somehow it works. The colour is rich, sumptuous even, adding depth and purpose to the voluminous coat.  

2. Marchesa: You can always count on Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig to craft a truly elegant and glamorous collection. If this look doesn’t make you want to step back in time (and put on your dancing shoes) then nothing will. 

3. Jeremy Scott: Mad hatter chic? Lewis Carroll is either flinching or smirking in his grave.

4. Proenza Schouler: While some of the looks from this very architectural collection held their own, this one is a little too haute goth for me. Oh, and the ’90s called – it wants its fishnets back. 

5. Boss: Jason Wu knows a thing or two about tailoring. This coat proves that covering up is the new sexy. 

Noreen Flanagan, editor-in-chief:

1. Michael Kors: Only Michael could out shine Kendall on the runway. This furry, fuzzy look is classic Kors: bold, playful and posh.

2. Marchesa: This certainly wasn’t the strongest look in the flapper-themed collection. The top reminded me of a recycled shower curtain with a fringe.

3. Jeremy Scott: A little too understated and muted for my taste. #not #fashionmania

4. Proenza Schouler: It was body-con meets naughty Praire girl, which is a fairly inventive fashion twist.

5. Boss: Jason Wu brings a rigorous precision to his work that ironically gives the impression of being effortless to wear. It’s the perfect combo.

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