From left to right: Coach, Wes Gordon, Tome, Jason Wu, Tanya Taylor

The runways of Day 2 at New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 were awash with textures, colours and patterns. The results? Our editors weigh in.

Lisa Guimond, fashion features editor:

1. Jason Wu: Now that’s a fur vest. Fierce.

2. Tome: Can’t resist a ’70s-inspired look. Loving the patent in a flashy neon and the layered turtleneck.

3. Tanya Taylor: There’s something endearing about the way this look folds into itself, and I’ve always been a fan of beige on beige.

4. Wes Gordon: Paired with black boots this otherwise polished monochromatic looks gets just the edge it needs to turn heads.

5. Coach: This look is very American Gangster, but I’d only consider adopting this style if Charlie Hunnam were at my side. 

Sarah Thompson, content producer:

1. Jason Wu: I’ll be wearing this amazing olive green look to work every day for Fall 2015 (with the fur vest on my commute, of course).

2. Wes Gordon: Can I have this silver shirt and metallic skirt in every colour of the rainbow please?

3. Coach: This totally cool head-to-toe black ensemble brings Tom Petty’s “American Girl” to mind. Take it easy, baby!

4. Tanya Taylor: This ultra detailed coat is one the A-listers will be wearing for Fall 2015. (Hey, Taylor Swift!)

5. Tome: This blue button-down shirt and plastic yellow skirt is too mismatched for my taste – a yellow topper would have enhanced the look.

Noreen Flanagan, editor-in-chief:

1. Coach: Stuart Vevers had me at “shearling-lined lace-up moto boots.” Bonus! Loved the skirt, the skulls and the fringe-lined sweater.

2. Tanya Taylor: Love the moto-car coat paired with a patent mini. It’s a stylish and coquettish combo.
3. Wes Gordon: Minimalist perfection, with a shiny twist. It’s the fashion equivalent of the mullet (in good way!): sporty up top, lady-lady on the bottom.
4. Jason Wu: This puts the chic in military. The long, sexy silhouette, paired with a power vest, is style catnip.
5. Tome: Seeing canary yellow on a cloudy winter day makes me happy. Love the stripes paired with patent. It’s fashion whimsy that’s all business.

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