Left to right: Costume National, Fendi, Max Mara, Moschino, Prada

Day 2 of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 saw a parade of colours, texture and prints come down the runway – it was fashion eye candy at its best. Our editors rank the top looks from “whoa, need it!” to “that’s not even wearable.”

Sarah Laing, associate features editor:

1. Costume National: Johnny Cash is smiling down from heaven over this look. And if it’s good enough for the man in black…bring on the fringe, please.

2. Fendi: This proves puffy jackets can be chic, welcome news to everyone trapped in the winter that will not go.

3. Moschino: Jeremy Scott had my heart at Looney Tunes.

4. Prada: Big fan of the silhouette, but I fear my palette is not yet sophisticated enough to appreciate green, red and pink together in high shine.

5. Max Mara: Gorgeous bag, but the rest of the outfit is leaning a little too subway flasher for me. But you do you.

Victoria DiPlacido, assistant beauty editor:

1. Max Mara: If I was forced to wear one outfit for the rest of my life, this would be a serious contender. 

2. Costume National: I can see Kate Moss wearing this look from head to toe (the fringe! The menswear-inspired tailoring! The little black booties!), and that’s enough to make this my second favourite look of the day. 

3. Fendi: The proportions here seem just right for fall: a long, slim skirt, paired with a wonderfully voluminous (and importantly, warm-looking) coat. 

4. Moschino: Moschino is always fun fashion. Would I wear it? Probably not as a complete look, but as separates the pieces have tons of potential. 

5. Prada: I preferred the two-piece suits (cropped straight-leg pants and blazers) Prada sent down the runway. 

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