Tie-dye tutorial: The splatter print

Aug 04 2017 by
Categories : Trends

Working with fabric dye isn't as scary as you think. In this video tutorial series we show you how to create three next-level T-shirts. In our second tutorial, we show you how to make a splatter print "Pollock" tee.


Soda ash or washing soda
Fibre reactive dye
Non-iodized salt (kosher, sea salt or pickling salt)
Cotton T-shirt (pre-washed with detergent)
Rubber gloves 

1. Scrunch up the T-shirt
2. Sprinkle different colours of dye
3. Add warm water over the dye
4. Sprinkle soda and salt over the dyed areas
5. Scrunch up the shirt and allow to set



Categories: Trends