Designer Paul Hardy talks Park Luxe and Canadian fashion

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On October 1st, the non-profit Park Luxe is hosting a gala at Calgary's Studio Bell with a major catwalk event showcasing Canadian designers.

Fashion may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Calgary — most people are more likely to associate the city with oil booms and stampedes than high style. But one organization aims to change that: Park Luxe, a non-profit that promotes emerging artists and designers in Western Canada.

On October 1st, Park Luxe is hosting a gala (with 1,250 people set to attend) at Studio Bell, the new National Music Centre in Calgary, which will include a major catwalk event to showcase Canadian designers like Paul Hardy, Marie Saint Pierre, Malorie Urbanovitch and Lauren Bagliore to name just a few, as well as fashion retailers from Calgary’s Banker’s Hall. There will also be live music by City Sleep and Run Dear Run.

We caught up with Calgarian fashion designer Paul Hardy to get his take on gala dressing, his latest collection, and why organizations like Park Luxe are so important. 

On Calgary’s unique fashion aesthetic…

“I think the interesting thing about Calgary is we have a ‘rough-luxe aesthetic,’ it’s very much about mixing high low, casual with dressy, there’s a definitive aesthetic of layering. That’s primarily driven by the climate here — today it was 2 degrees in the morning and it’s 22 in the afternoon!”

On the rules gala dressing…

“Just don’t wear runners!” [Laughs]

On his latest collection…

At Park Luxe, I’ll be showing off a mix of our holiday and resort collection, in combination with my shearling line and new knitwear line. The knitwear is fine-gage made in Italy by the same people who do knits for Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino.”

On the importance of Park Luxe…

“What they’re doing is great for Calgary, because aside from promoting fashion and design in general, they’re creating cultural opportunities with the event. It’s an important contribution to the cultural landscape of the city.”

VIP tickets for the Park Luxe Oct. 1, are sold out, but some new tickets are being added.


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