What do Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Kate Hudson have in common? Other than their superb style, they’re all fans of Los Angeles-based fine jewellery line Katkim, which comes to Canada at Holt Renfrew this April. Inspired by the natural beauty of gold, designer Katherine Kim creates pieces with a focus on clean lines and sculpture-like silhouettes. Sustainability is one of the main factors in the design and development of pieces—Kim uses conflict-free diamonds and where possible, recycled gold. The brand also works with small family-run businesses to source and manufacture locally, and each piece is handmade by artisans.

We caught up with the designer to learn more about her approach to jewellery and design.

What’s inspiring you right now?

I am inspired everywhere in my surroundings. My friends and family are all designers and artists, so I always find inspiration floating around me when I’m with them.

Everyone seems to be jumping on the “unconventional engagement ring” trend at the moment, but you were one of the first. Why do you think we’re gravitating to the non-traditional rings and jewellery?

Couples are now looking for something different that is very limited or one of a kind. They have become more open to wearing unusual settings with non-traditional silhouettes. An engagement ring is such a special piece. Not only is it a work of art, it’s a physical representation of them and the unique love that they share so they want something that not a lot of people have.

How do you like to wear your own pieces? Do you style them up or down? What are your daily pieces?

I am always either in my Diamond Thread Ear Pin and Crescendo Flare Earring. I am very minimal and usually just wearing jeans and a tee, so these pieces are simple for everyday but give a bit of attitude.

Trends in jewellery tend to move slower, but are there any you’re particularly into right now?

I don’t follow trends but I do know earrings are having a moment!