On dreaming big
“It all started when I was in high school and everyone kept telling me I should be a model. I’ve always looked up to Victoria’s Secret Angels. When I got the call that I was cast for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, it was life changing.”

On being an Angel
“I feel that the Angel is such an iconic statement in the fashion industry and in pop culture, so it’s definitely an honour to be one of them.”

On runway moves
“I don’t have a signature move on the runway because I think it’s all about creating new ones. But I do think you need to keep it sassy!”

On finding balance
“When you’re really busy, it can be a challenge to make time for everybody, but it’s important to see your friends and family. I try to meet up with my friends at least once a week for brunch or dinner, just to keep up with everybody and make sure we’re all in each other’s lives for support. A good group of girlfriends can be there for you in ways that your boyfriend can’t.”

On the advice worth giving
“Work really hard, and focus on your goals. I also believe that a strong body equals a strong mind.”

On staying grounded
“When I’m overreacting about things that don’t really matter, my boyfriend and my family remind me of what’s important.”

On fitness
“The best motivation for working out is walking in a bikini in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.”

On Angel BFFs
“Lily Aldridge and Elsa Hosk.”

On her post-show celebration meal
“Pepperoni pizza.”

On who’s who
“Adriana is the bombshell. Lily is the fashionista. Candice is the beachy-earthy goddess. Behati is the fun rock-star personality.”

On the Victoria’s Secret piece she can’t live without
“Slips are underrated, but they’re so sexy and comfortable to sleep in.”

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