If this season’s Moschino collection could talk, what would it say? “The collection is a love letter to the urban streets, with graphics, stickers and tags that you would find on walls, mailboxes and light poles, as well as padlocks, bike locks and chains galore.”

Do you have a muse? “I don’t have any one muse; I have many! There are friends of mine, some are well known and some are unknown, but they represent different feelings I have and like to portray in my designs. I, too, can be my own muse. I often think about things that I want or wish I had or the way I’m mixing and wearing my own clothes to capture a more personal approach to my designs.”

How do you inspire yourself to push boundaries? “I try to ensure that my process is never formulaic and that I get to the finish line by choosing different paths to keep myself on my toes!”

How have your influences evolved? “My inspirations have changed and evolved and have always reflected who I am at the time and where the world is at that moment as well.”

What advice would you give someone who is seeking creative inspiration? “Immerse yourself in the things you love, and in­spiration will come naturally.”

What’s the difference between imitation and inspiration? You say in your documentary, Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer, that you don’t want to be seen as a facsimile of someone else. “The line you’re referring to is me speaking about Franco Moschino and how, as much as I love, respect and admire him and his work and the heritage of the house, I am not him, nor am I trying to be him. I’m very lucky that we share such a strong DNA and that I can create a future for the brand that is very much in keeping with what I and many others who ac­tually knew him well would say is a vision he would have. With all this shared commonality between the two of us, I am still Jeremy Scott; I am not trying to be anyone or anything but myself, and that’s all I’ve ever set out to be.”


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