9 things that never actually go out of style

Jul 25 2016 by
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Trends come and go, but a breton top is forever.

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    These are the trends and wardrobe staples with serious staying power.
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    Flared jeans

    Denim trends pop up like new coffee crazes (frayed! mom jeans!) but it's the styles that are never too "in" that maintain sneaky staying power. Case in point: The flattering wide leg.
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    Crop tops

    Before you protest this one, hear us out. Some trends, like chokers, come on strong but may not last. Conversely, ever since the crop top arrived on the scene over 5 years ago, it's been going strong.
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    Black & white

    This example of the enduring colour combo, featuring black trousers and a white wrap top, earns extra counter-trendiness points.
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    The military trend

    This is a trend so perennial, it's hardly a trend at all. The runways are forever resurrecting all things army inspired. Olive green forever!
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    Midi skirts

    Midi skirts are a lot like flared jeans—never so trendy that they risk obsolescence. Sitting, literally, in the middle of the maxi and mini skirt, this style avoids extremes—a key to sartorial longevity.
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    Fashion will never stop borrowing from the boys, that's just a fact.
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    Leopard print

    Don't get us wrong, leopard print goes through upward and downward swings. Still, you shouldn't hesitate about your next spotted fashion find.
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    The breton top

    If we had to pick one item as the most timeless of them all, the simple striped sailor top (and ultimate symbol of French coolness) is a fierce contender for the title.
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    Pyjama dressing

    Though this concept gets more and less literal through the cycles of fashion, the breezy and effortless feeling it evokes never fails to feel fresh.
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