Here’s something you probably didn’t know about NYC label Veronica Beard: It’s run by two women who are both named Veronica Beard. (That’s what happens when you have the same first name and marry brothers.) The brand first shot to fame thanks to an ingenious layering concept – ­to achieve the look of a hoodie under a leather jacket or a sweater under a blazer, the Beards designed zip-in panels to give the illusion of layers without the bulk.

Since launching in 2010, the label has expanded beyond the sartorial trickery that first put it on the map – think flared denim and nerdy-chic jackets. Here’s what one half of the brand, Veronica Swanson-Beard, had to say about some of the season’s standout trends.


Make corduroy your thing.

“Pick corduroy with a wide wale [a.k.a. a chunkier weave] to make it look really vintage-y. Then it’s about how you style it. Put a corduroy jacket with a sexy pair of jeans or a dress – it’s about a modern silhouette.”


Yes, you can pull off saffron—here’s how.

“This colour can be tough to wear. You’ve got to wake it up – put some blush on.”


Throw it back.

“Think of icons who inspire you. We all know them, and we feel them. How would Molly Ringwald wear a plaid suit? I like to study ’90s runway shows on Instagram.”