Even if you haven’t heard of Cult Gaia, you’ve definitely spotted the brand’s Japanese-inspired “Ark” bags on Instagram. The label’s signature sculptural accessories (rendered in colourful acrylic or bamboo) have an art-meets-boho flair that’ve made them into one of the most coveted (and affordable) It Bags today. If you’re a fan, here are five buzzy brands that should also be on your radar. 




The Lirio: a more sculptural approach to the classic bucket bag. Available @barneysny

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Montunas is a tribute to Costa Rica and London, the two homes of the designers behind the brand, Elke Ruge and her daughters, Amanda and Elena Hawila. This label combines classic shapes with high quality materials for bags that are both timeless and durable enough for a getaway. The Orchid Collection introduces four new botanical-inspired shapes that are reminiscent of the hanging planters and pots used at the brand’s own orchid house.  




The Lucite Pagoda bag ☁️ (p.s that’s our croc cardholder in the bag) #lafshar

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Launched in 2014 by designer Lilian Afshar, this made-in-Dubai label’s box clutches (which come in lucite, marble and leather) have been spotted in the hands of celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Laura Dern and Gina Rodriguez. Perfect for a brunch or a party, the brand’s signature crystal clear lucite bags will capture the light and attention wherever you take it. 




Alix Bag | Pick your color

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If summer were a bag, this would be it — even Beyoncé wore it on vacation. Waiwai Rio’s wood and straw accessories capture the aesthetics of a contemporary Brazil, blending traditional raw materials with flourishes of leather, silk, acrylic and metal. Designer Leo Neves started the brand in 2015 with handmade purses, and the collection continues to be produced in Brazil. 




Cascade of celadon shapes available at @fujintree355

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Los Angeles-based Building Block began as a design studio started by sisters Nancy and Kimberly Wu in 2011. Their minimalist approach to accessories combines clean lines and classic shapes with eye-catching material combinations like smooth leather with shiny acrylic. 




Blend of beige, navy and sparkly brown ? #0711tbilisi

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0711’s artisan-knitted bags combine the textile’s softness with the structure of wood and plexiglass frames for an unexpected juxtaposition of colour and texture. The Georgia-based label was founded in 2012 by friends Nino Eliava and Ana Mokia, and take cues from global influences. Crochet has never looked so high-fashion.