Left: A jumpsuit from Misha Nonoo’s Spring 2015 collection.

Welcome to wedding season, friends! Before you tie the knot or RSVP to any invites, New York-based fashion designer Misha Nonoo wants you to say “I do” to breaking these conventional wedding style rules. (Trust us – when you look back on the photos from the big day, you’ll be glad you did.)

Wedding style rule to break #1: Wearing neutrals

If you’re attending a wedding this season, it’s time to lose the floral prints and basic neutrals – spice up your wedding wardrobe with metallic hues. Don’t worry about “stealing the show” by wearing something bold – unless you accessorize with a veil, no one will mistake you for the bride.“I think metallics are the new neutral,” says Nonoo.

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Wedding style rule to break #2: Donning a floor-length dress

If you’ve watched Say Yes to the Dress, you know brides are obsessed with finding the perfect wedding gown. For 2015, step outside the box. “I think the modern bride is wearing a white jumpsuit. You’re still wearing white or off white but you’re doing it in a way that feels really contemporary. It’s young, fresh and youthful.” (Thanks, Solange!)

Wedding style rule to break #3: Dancing in heels
Bridesmaids, wedding guests and brides take note – this applies to you. “Women often feel they have to wear high heels on their wedding day, but you can wear flats. One of my colleagues at the office got married and wore flats on her wedding day. She had the best time because she could dance all night.” (Try a pair of rose gold flats from the ALDO RISE x Misha Nonoo spring collection – they’re super chic and comfy.)

Wedding style rule to break #4: Choosing white
White, off white, ivory or antique…there are over 50 shades of white for brides to choose from. Just don’t forget about the rest of the colour wheel. “I think any pale-coloured neutral is coming in. From a blush pink to a real cream to a very pale mint – anything that’s a light colour is totally fine.”

Wedding style rule to break #5: Adhering to the “four somethings” tradition
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe – you all know the drill. Or do you? “I don’t even think people know about it so much. I think the point is you don’t need to be so precious.” So: Have fun with accessorizing and don’t worry too much about fulfilling all those old traditions.

Wedding style rule to break #6: Not wearing white as a guest

Debating that LWD sitting in the closet for a friend’s reception? Go for it! “I don’t think the bride cares as much as people think she will. The wedding guests should be able to wear whatever they want.”

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Wedding style rule to break #7: Uniform bridesmaid dresses
Encouraging your bridal party to wear identical looks is like something out of 27 Dresses. “If you want, you can have your BFFs wear the same colour or the same print. It’s allowing them the individuality of wearing a different silhouette that’s important.”

Wedding style rule to break #8: The bride carrying a handbag
Listen up, brides-to-be! Wearing a clutch on the big day is not the way to go. “It’s a bit too much when you’ve got your bouquet and you’re holding your partner’s hand. I incorporated the utilitarian trend into my spring collection. There’s a bag attached to a mini dress so you can carry everything you need.”

Wedding style rule to break #9: Being subtle
The era of being subtle is over! This is the year to make a “wow” statement at the alter. “People always say that on their wedding day they don’t wear any lipstick, but I think that a red lip and a fun shoe is a great way to go.”

Wedding style rule to break #10: Sporting one wedding dress
Wearing one wedding dress is out – it’s all about wearing multiple dresses to surprise your guests. “Switch it up by doing a long gown for your ceremony and then a short dress for the reception.”

Wedding style rule to break #11: Wearing jewellery

Besides your wedding band, you don’t need to adorn your wrists, neck and ears with bulky accessories. “If you don’t like to wear jewellery, you can do sparkle in your hair. Have your stylist clip in a beautiful hair piece – just make sure you don’t lose it when you’re twirling around later on.”

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