Toronto Fashion Week: Fashion editor survival tips

Mar 16 2012 by
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Caitlin Power Fall/Winter 2012. Image courtesy of Jenna Marie Wanaki

Toronto Fashion Week can feel more exhausting than going to the international runway shows. Maybe that’s because Toronto fashion week lasts for so long—we’re talking about 12 full nights of catwalk action if you include the off-site presentations—and even
Paris Fashion Week only goes on for 9 days. Above all, it’s an endurance test, and it’s not easy to concentrate if you aren’t in the right head space. Here are some tips for staying happy and healthy at the tents.
1) Don’t forget to eat. On Monday, I went straight from the office to the Lucian Matis,  Korhani and
Holt Renfrew shows. I forgot to pack a granola bar in my purse and by the time the Holt’s show ended, I felt like I was having full-blown hunger hallucinations. (My apologies to the alarmed cater waiter at the Holts cocktail who I almost tackled for food). If you’re concentrating on your stomach, you won’t be able to fixate on what’s happening on the runway. Don’t leave home without trail mix, an apple or a protein bar for emergency situations.
2) Don’t be late for shows Seats go fast, and having to bump someone who has already made themselves comfortable in your spot is always awkward. Most of the time, fashion shows start at least 15 minutes past their call time—so imagine my surprise when I showed up for Adrian Wu at exactly 2:00 to find that the show was about to start. I lost my front row spot and had to stand for the duration. Lesson learned!

3) Keep supplies handy The easiest way to make an outfit fashion week-ready is to add a pair of
killer heels and some lipstick. Yesterday I improved my casual red skinny jeans and leather coat combo by adding a pair of black pumps that I keep in my desk drawer and some
YSL Vernis a Lèvres Glossy stain. Carry an emergency pair of flats in your purse—your feet will thank you!

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