Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2014: A seaside escape with Christopher Bates

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All photos by George Pimentel.

If you’re going for a James Bond-style jaunt through the French Riviera, it’s probably best to go suited up like the British spy himself. And that’s just what
Toronto-based menswear designer Christopher Bates had in mind for his classic Euro chic Spring 2014 collection. "I wanted to bring a touch of that elegance and style back to Toronto," said the designer backstage about his recent trips to Monte Carlo, plus the French and Italian Rivieras, after
yesterday’s runway show.

Lipstick on the collar insignia – it’s a thing
"It was an idea I had years ago and I just couldn’t believe that it hasn’t really been done before. I decided that I wanted to do it, and it’s actually become a hit and now a staple, so I do it each season. It’s a signature — Lacoste has a crocodile and I have the kiss."
Do real men wear pink?
GPM_0728 "Pink on pink would be aggressive, that’s more of a runway look or editorial, but absolutely! Pink is one of the most flattering colours on most guys, so it’s got to be done."
ELLE Man: Mike Bradwell’s new uniform
Bates’ favourite look
GPM_1048 "I like the navy and lighter blue sweater, the two-tone knit sweater," says Bates. And the camouflage pants! "Those are pretty badass."
…And okay, mine
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